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Makeup is amazing for so many reasons and one of them is it allows people to enhance their features and feel like the best version of themselves! So, in order to make yourself or a client feel like a million dollars it is so important to understand the skin you are working on.

Mature skin has some unique qualities that are important to have knowledge on before you dive into glamming up.

Let’s get into the characteristics of mature skin before we delve into the makeup bag must haves.

The biology of skin shows that as we get older our skin loses elasticity. This is what leads to the dreaded w word (wrinkles). But instead of dreading the inevitable fine lines I am going to teach you how to embrace them and indeed enhance the overall appearance.

It is worth noting however age is not the only factor in wrinkles our environment, skin care, diet and many other factors play a part in how quickly our skin can age.

This brings me to the first point SKIN CARE IS VITAL.

Makeup is made to enhance so it can only help to have a great base to work on. Looking after the skin you have will bring nothing but benefits.



When it comes to mature skin, I like to focus a little bit more on skin prep. I focus on making sure the skin is hydrated and plumped before we go in with any actual makeup. By taking the extra steps I feel the base is seamless.

With mature skin I always like to start with prepping the undereye with some eye cream. The reason for this is I like to ensure that when I apply all my makeup products the undereye does not get caked .By making sure the undereye is hydrated it will allow the makeup products to sit nicely on top of the skin rather than soaking in too fine lines.

I like to also take the extra step to add an oil or serum to the skin to again boost hydration and plump the skin. I will skip this step if the client was particularly oily, however I have found most mature skin tends to be on the drier side.

My favourite oil to use is the Sunday riley Juno oil. It is an antioxidant and superfood face oil. It is such a luxury product packed with 9 cold pressed vitamin enriched oils. There is no greasy consistency to it making it a beautiful base. It provides a glow to dull and dehydrated skin instantly. It is a cult product for mature skins. I could talk about it all day long but basically it is a holy grail.

Next step is to add a light layer of a lightweight moisturiser as the oil has provided the bulk of my hydration. I have recently tried the boots glow moisturiser. For only €6 it is a beautiful topper to the hydration steps.

Choosing the right Foundation:

So, we have prepped and primed to perfection, now we must choose the right foundation. WHERE TO BEGIN?


Light weight always! Lightweight does not mean light coverage. Often light weight foundations have a buildable coverage. They just have a serum like texture that flatters mature skin so much. A thick foundation will sink into fine lines and attract attention to them. Often with mature skin there is unwanted texture so we want to use a product that will allow us to provide coverage without adding too much heavy texture.


A perfect foundation for mature skin. It has a water light formula that thickens as you apply. Now I am the first to tell you to invest in good makeup brushes ALWAYS, however when applying Mac Face and Body it is actually recommend to use your hands to apply which is perfect for anyone who likes to keep a minimal makeup bag.

HOURGLASS Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation:

This is perfect for a little bit of extra coverage. It is a lightweight formula that is also oil free. It has a velvet matte formula and is non-comedogenic, so it will not cause blemishes or clog pores.


So not only is it an absolute bargain, but it is also light weight formula is packed full of amazing ingredients. It also comes in 21 shades with a huge variety of tones to suit every single skin type.

As soon as I tried it, I fell in love instantly. It provides coverage while still feeling amazing on the skin.

Moving on to concealers and other cream products.

The Maybelline fit me concealer is a cult favourite in my kit. It is super affordable, and the shade range is extensive. It sits nicely on the under eye and applying a thin layer and softly blending keeps it crease free. It is a hassle free application so perfect for dabbing on before the school run if you are in a hurry.

I recommend using a shade 2 shades lighter than your foundation to lighten and brighten the undereye.

To set the undereye I am always torn between the Laura Mercier and Huda beauty setting powders. Both hold a very special place in my makeup kit (and heart).

I find the Huda beauty better for a more full coverage look as well as for any one I find has slightly more oils, If a client has extremely dry skin I definitely steer towards Laura Mercier. Both products are finely milled so are perfect for mature skin as it is soft and not overly heavy. If you do prefer a compact powder I use the hourglass ambient light powder. It has light reflecting particles which help the skin to look glowing and fresh.

I like to stick to cream products as much as possible on mature skin to avoid over powdered and cakey appearance therefore I love a cream blush. Nars liquid blush in the shade orgasm is my all-time favourite. It is easily blended and the skin and provides a sheer colour that is so flattering on the skin. I also live by the powder blush from Nars in the shade ‘torrid’. The perfect peach (but not too peach) shade.

I recommend Bronzing not contour on mature skin. Providing a sun kissed skin vibe is so much more flattering than an overly contoured look which can be overly harsh and create a masculine appearance.

I prefer to use cream bronzers and top it off with a light powder bronzer.

TOP TIP: Work in light layers and keep it subtle to flatter complexion and face shape.

Using highlighter on mature skin should be kept subtle and designated to the correct areas. Apply to the tops of the cheek bones and apply it lightly. Never use too much as it is always buildable. Applying highlight to the brow bone will help to give the appearance of a lifted eye. I am obsessed with the Zoeva highlighter in the shade ‘tasting experience’. It is by far one of my all-time favourites and its super affordable. I find the shade and subtle gold reflects ridiculously flattering on the majority of skin tones. Combined with the buttery texture I would put it on the top of your Christmas list.

I can get into eyeshadow different day but my top tip would be to use a good eye base and work with cream products.Some of my favourite cream shadows would be maynelline 24 hour tattoo, primark liquid shadows and laura cercier caviar sticks!

So, they are some of my top tips and recommendations for working with mature skin.

If you would like to expand your knowledge with my online course which consists of 4 in depth tutorials, full product lists, personalised notes and product recommendations for only €10 sign up to the mailing list to be notified when they launch! The course will be launched VERY SOON.

You can shop all the products I have mentioned on look fantastic and Cult Beauty .

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